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2795950856Transformation of the Non-Selective Aminocyclohexanol-Based Hsp90 Inhibitor into a Grp94-Seletive Scaffold.BDBACS Chem Biol 12: 244-253 (2017)The University of Kansas2D 3D TSV
2797711524LSD1 Substrate Binding and Gene Expression Are Affected by HDAC1-Mediated Deacetylation.BDBACS Chem Biol 12: 254-264 (2017)Wayne State University2D 3D TSV
2802616241hBfl-1/hNOXA Interaction Studies Provide New Insights on the Role of Bfl-1 in Cancer Cell Resistance and for the Design of Novel Anticancer Agents.BDBACS Chem Biol 12: 444-455 (2017)University of California, Riverside2D 3D TSV
2802616722Heat Capacity Changes for Transition-State Analogue Binding and Catalysis with Human 5'-Methylthioadenosine Phosphorylase.BDBACS Chem Biol 12: 464-473 (2017)Albert Einstein College of Medicine2D 3D TSV
280454907An Allosteric Inhibitor Scaffold Targeting the PIF-Pocket of Atypical Protein Kinase C Isoforms.BDBACS Chem Biol 12: 564-573 (2017)Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt2D 3D TSV