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2741688935Design, synthesis, and preliminary bioactivity evaluation of N(1) -hydroxyterephthalamide derivatives with indole cap as novel histone deacetylase inhibitors.BDBChem Biol Drug Des 89: 38-46 (2017)Shandong University2D 3D TSV
274960714Design and synthesis of new 2-anilinoquinolines bearing N-methylpicolinamide moiety as potential antiproliferative agents.BDBChem Biol Drug Des 89: 98-113 (2017)Korea Institute of Science and Technology2D 3D TSV
2766613559Rapid synthesis of flavone-based monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors targeting two active sites using click chemistry.BDBChem Biol Drug Des 89: 141-151 (2017)Zhejiang University of Technology2D 3D TSV
275391241Characterization of MymA protein as a flavin-containing monooxygenase and as a target of isoniazid.BDBChem Biol Drug Des 89: 152-160 (2017)Miranda House2D 3D TSV