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2786012820Structure-Activity Relationships of Benzenesulfonamide-Based Inhibitors towards Carbonic Anhydrase Isoform Specificity.BDBChembiochem 18: 213-222 (2017)University of Florida2D 3D TSV
279435818Reverse Biosynthesis: Generating Combinatorial Pools of Drug Leads from Enzyme-Mediated Fragmentation of Natural Products.BDBChembiochem 18: 368-373 (2017)The University of Sydney2D 3D TSV
279921026Natural Product Kuwanon-L Inhibits HIV-1 Replication through Multiple Target Binding.BDBChembiochem 18: 374-377 (2017)University of Siena2D 3D TSV
279824946Polar Hinges as Functionalized Conformational Constraints in (Bi)cyclic Peptides.BDBChembiochem 18: 387-395 (2017)University of Glasgow2D 3D TSV