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294215677Targeting polyamine transport in Trypanosoma cruzi.EBIEur J Med Chem 147: 1-6 (2018)Universidad de Buenos Aires2D 3D TSV
2942157028Design, synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of N-benzyl-piperidinyl-aryl-acylhydrazone derivatives as donepezil hybrids: Discovery of novel multi-target anti-alzheimer prototype drug candidates.EBIEur J Med Chem 147: 48-65 (2018)Federal University of Alfenas2D 3D TSV
29421573136,7-Dimorpholinoalkoxy quinazoline derivatives as potent EGFR inhibitors with enhanced antiproliferative activities against tumor cells.EBIEur J Med Chem 147: 77-89 (2018)Shaanxi Normal University2D 3D TSV
2942581576Computer-aided insights into receptor-ligand interaction for novel 5-arylhydantoin derivatives as serotonin 5-HTEBIEur J Med Chem 147: 102-114 (2018)Jagiellonian University Medical College2D 3D TSV
294258166Recent updates for designing CCR5 antagonists as anti-retroviral agents.EBIEur J Med Chem 147: 115-129 (2018)Nirma University2D 3D TSV
2942790619Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel quinazoline-4-piperidinesulfamide derivatives as inhibitors of NPP1.EBIEur J Med Chem 147: 130-149 (2018)Universit£ Laval2D 3D TSV
2943888812Tricyclic pyrazolo[1,5-d][1,4]benzoxazepin-5(6H)-one scaffold derivatives: Synthesis and biological evaluation as selective BuChE inhibitors.EBIEur J Med Chem 147: 194-204 (2018)Anhui Medical University2D 3D TSV
2943889116Synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of 6,7-dimethoxy-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline derivatives as sigma-2 receptor ligands.EBIEur J Med Chem 147: 227-237 (2018)Guangdong Medical University2D 3D TSV