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PMIDDataArticle TitleCitationOrganizationSD Files Download
241945205Evidence of ternary complex formation in Trypanosoma cruzi trans-sialidase catalysis.BDBJ Biol Chem 289: 423-36 (2014)Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro2D 3D TSV
241871399Defining the communication between agonist and coactivator binding in the retinoid X receptor a ligand binding domain.BDBJ Biol Chem 289: 814-26 (2014)University of Alabama at Birmingham2D 3D TSV
242259507Identification of a small peptide that inhibits PCSK9 protein binding to the low density lipoprotein receptor.BDBJ Biol Chem 289: 942-55 (2014)Genentech, Inc.2D 3D TSV
242577466A L-lysine transporter of high stereoselectivity of the amino acid-polyamine-organocation (APC) superfamily: production, functional characterization, and structure modeling.BDBJ Biol Chem 289: 1377-87 (2014)Max Planck Institute of Biophysics2D 3D TSV
243276569The molecular chaperone Hsp70 activates protein phosphatase 5 (PP5) by binding the tetratricopeptide repeat (TPR) domain.BDBJ Biol Chem 289: 2908-17 (2014)University of Michigan2D 3D TSV