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2930047716Isolation of Flavonoids and Flavonoid Glycosides from Myrsine africana and Their Inhibitory Activities against Mushroom Tyrosinase.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 49-56 (2018)University of Pretoria2D 3D TSV
293810702Probing the Antiallergic and Anti-inflammatory Activity of Biflavonoids and Dihydroflavonols from Dietes bicolor.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 243-253 (2018)Ain Shams University2D 3D TSV
294057144Metabolomics-Guided Discovery of Microginin Peptides from Cultures of the Cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 349-355 (2018)University of North Carolina Wilmington2D 3D TSV
2940096623Mucroniferanines A-G, Isoquinoline Alkaloids from Corydalis mucronifera.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 364-370 (2018)Peking University2D 3D TSV
2938912210Cyclizidine-Type Alkaloids from Streptomyces sp. HNA39.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 394-399 (2018)Zhejiang University2D 3D TSV
2924042016Iodine-Promoted Aromatization of p-Menthane-Type Phytocannabinoids.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 630-633 (2018)University of Eastern Piedmont2D 3D TSV
295172383Catecholic Isoquinolines from Portulaca oleracea and Their Anti-inflammatory and ?EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 768-777 (2018)Shandong University2D 3D TSV
2963426911Drimane Sesquiterpenoids Noncompetitively Inhibit Human ?4?2 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors with Higher Potency Compared to Human ?3?4 and ?7 Subtypes.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 811-817 (2018)California Northstate University College of Medicine2D 3D TSV
294695702Ribemansides A and B, TRPC6 Inhibitors from Ribes manshuricum That Suppress TGF-?1-Induced Fibrogenesis in HK-2 Cells.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 913-917 (2018)China Pharmaceutical University2D 3D TSV
295537339Antibacterial Muraymycins from Mutant Strains of Streptomyces sp. NRRL 30471.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 942-948 (2018)Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine2D 3D TSV
2955811930Bioactive Indolocarbazoles from the Marine-Derived Streptomyces sp. DT-A61.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 949-956 (2018)Zhejiang University2D 3D TSV
2964120611Estrogen Receptor (ER) Subtype Selectivity Identifies 8-Prenylapigenin as an ER? Agonist from Glycyrrhiza inflata and Highlights the Importance of Chemical and Biological Authentication.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 966-975 (2018)2D 3D TSV
2957834235Isolation, Characterization, and Structure-Activity Relationship Analysis of Abietane Diterpenoids from Callicarpa bodinieri as Spleen Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 998-1006 (2018)Yunnan University2D 3D TSV
2967158835Absolute Configuration and Pharmacology of the Poison Frog Alkaloid Phantasmidine.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 1029-1035 (2018)Indiana State University2D 3D TSV
294618461CaEBIJ Nat Prod 81: 1070-1074 (2018)Iwate University2D 3D TSV
296678213Antibacterial Dimeric Acylphloroglucinols from Hypericum japonicum.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 1098-1102 (2018)Chinese Academy of Sciences2D 3D TSV
296765803Identification of Lycopodium Alkaloids Produced by an Ultraviolet-Irradiated Strain of Paraboeremia, an Endophytic Fungus from Lycopodium serratum var. longipetiolatum.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 1143-1147 (2018)Nagoya City University2D 3D TSV
297620331Isolation, Synthesis, and Antisepsis Effects of a C-Methylcoumarinochromone Isolated from Abronia nana Cell Culture.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 1173-1182 (2018)Kyungpook National University2D 3D TSV
296933935The Notch Inhibitors Isolated from Nerium indicum.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 1235-1240 (2018)Chiba University2D 3D TSV
298695034Dehydrodiconiferyl Alcohol Inhibits Osteoclast Differentiation and Ovariectomy-Induced Bone Loss through Acting as an Estrogen Receptor Agonist.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 1343-1356 (2018)Seoul National University2D 3D TSV
297927022Peniisocoumarins A-J: Isocoumarins from Penicillium commune QQF-3, an Endophytic Fungus of the Mangrove Plant Kandelia candel.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 1376-1383 (2018)Sun Yat-sen University2D 3D TSV
298086775Jizanpeptins, Cyanobacterial Protease Inhibitors from a Symploca sp. Cyanobacterium Collected in the Red Sea.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 1417-1425 (2018)Oregon State University2D 3D TSV
298787686Total Syntheses of Lobaric Acid and Its Derivatives from the Antarctic Lichen Stereocaulon alpinum.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 1460-1467 (2018)Korea Polar Research Institute2D 3D TSV
297753081Piperidine Alkaloids with Diverse Skeletons from Anacyclus pyrethrum.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 1474-1482 (2018)Chinese Academy of Sciences2D 3D TSV
300154852Biosynthetic Baeyer-Villiger Chemistry Enables Access to Two Anthracene Scaffolds from a Single Gene Cluster in Deep-Sea-Derived Streptomyces olivaceus SCSIO T05.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 1570-1577 (2018)South China Sea Institute of Oceanology2D 3D TSV
299692602Natural Inhibitors of the RhoA-p115 Complex from the Bark of Meiogyne baillonii.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 1610-1618 (2018)Universit£ Paris-Saclay2D 3D TSV
300037784Napabucasin and Related Heterocycle-Fused Naphthoquinones as STAT3 Inhibitors with Antiproliferative Activity against Cancer Cells.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 1636-1644 (2018)Westphalian Wilhelms University2D 3D TSV
299898116Swinhoeisterols from the South China Sea Sponge Theonella swinhoei.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 1645-1650 (2018)Second Military Medical University2D 3D TSV
299795912Macrophilones from the Marine Hydroid Macrorhynchia philippina Can Inhibit ERK Cascade Signaling.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 1666-1672 (2018)National Cancer Institute2D 3D TSV
299443704Izenamides A and B, Statine-Containing Depsipeptides, and an Analogue from a Marine Cyanobacterium.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 1673-1681 (2018)Keio University2D 3D TSV
300404253A Bioactive Resveratrol Trimer from the Stem Bark of the Sri Lankan Endemic Plant Vateria copallifera.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 1693-1700 (2018)University of Colombo2D 3D TSV
300673638Enantiomeric Pairs of Meroterpenoids with Diverse Heterocyclic Systems from Rhododendron nyingchiense.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 1810-1818 (2018)Fudan University2D 3D TSV
302223434Dinghupeptins A-D, Chymotrypsin Inhibitory Cyclodepsipeptides Produced by a Soil-Derived Streptomyces.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 1928-1936 (2018)Chinese Academy of Sciences2D 3D TSV
3020746517BACE1 Inhibitory Meroterpenoids from Aspergillus terreus.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 1937-1945 (2018)Huazhong University of Science and Technology2D 3D TSV
302077208Dihydrochalcone Glucosides from the Subaerial Parts of Thonningia sanguinea and Their in Vitro PTP1B Inhibitory Activities.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 2091-2100 (2018)University of Innsbruck2D 3D TSV
301832893Colocynthenins A-D, Ring-A seco-Cucurbitane Triterpenoids from the Fruits of Citrullus colocynthis.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 2115-2119 (2018)Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry2D 3D TSV
302099465Medermycin-Type Naphthoquinones from the Marine-Derived Streptomyces sp. XMA39.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 2120-2124 (2018)Zhejiang University2D 3D TSV
302897131Structurally Diverse Sesquiterpenoids from the Endangered Ornamental Plant Michelia shiluensis.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 2195-2204 (2018)Chinese Academy of Sciences2D 3D TSV
3035192312Potent, Irreversible Inhibition of Human Carboxylesterases by Tanshinone Anhydrides Isolated from Salvia miltiorrhiza ("Danshen").EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 2410-2418 (2018)St. Jude Children's Research Hospital2D 3D TSV
303627392Stereoselective Synthesis of the Isomers of Notoincisol A: Assigment of the Absolute Configuration of this Natural Product and Biological Evaluation.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 2419-2428 (2018)Vienna University of Technology2D 3D TSV
303541053NMR-Based Investigation of Hydrogen Bonding in a Dihydroanthracen-1(4 H)one from Rubia philippinensis and Its Soluble Epoxide Hydrolase Inhibitory Potential.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 2429-2435 (2018)Yale University2D 3D TSV
304116147Diterpenoids from Euphorbia dulcis with Potassium Ion Channel Inhibitory Activity with Selective G Protein-Activated Inwardly Rectifying Ion Channel (GIRK) Blocking Effect.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 2483-2492 (2018)Rytmion Ltd.2D 3D TSV
304066615First Report of Plant-Derived ?-Sitosterol with Antithrombotic, in Vivo Anticoagulant, and Thrombus-Preventing Activities in a Mouse Model.EBIJ Nat Prod 81: 2521-2530 (2018)Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants2D 3D TSV