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274465282Fatty Acid Transport Proteins: Targeting FATP2 as a Gatekeeper Involved in the Transport of Exogenous Fatty Acids.EBIMedchemcomm 7: 612-622 (2016)University of Nebraska2D 3D TSV
2734736016Exploiting the co-reliance of tumours upon transport of amino acids and lactate: Gln and Tyr conjugates of MCT1 inhibitors.EBIMedchemcomm 7: 900-905 (2016)The Scripps Research Institute2D 3D TSV
2754729515Non-Substrate Based, Small Molecule Inhibitors of the Human Isoprenylcysteine Carboxyl Methyltransferase.EBIMedchemcomm 7: 1016-1021 (2016)Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai2D 3D TSV