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15 articles for Aventis Pharma Deutschland GmbH

The following articles (labelled with PubMed ID or TBD) are for your review
PMIDArticle TitlePublishedDeposition
15125936 Novel factor Xa inhibitors based on a benzoic acid scaffold and incorporating a neutral P1 ligand. 05-MAY-2004 12-DEC-2014
12570371 Identification, synthesis, and activity of novel blockers of the voltage-gated potassium channel Kv1.5. 06-FEB-2003 10-NOV-2009
11454469 alpha(v)beta(3) Antagonists based on a central thiophene scaffold. 16-JUL-2001 10-NOV-2009
12668013 Design, synthesis, and structure-activity relationship of a new class of amidinophenylurea-based factor VIIa inhibitors. 01-APR-2003 10-NOV-2009
15125940 Pharmacophore-based search, synthesis, and biological evaluation of anthranilic amides as novel blockers of the Kv1.5 channel. 05-MAY-2004 10-NOV-2009
11689069 Synthesis and activity of novel and selective I(Ks)-channel blockers. 05-NOV-2001 10-NOV-2009
15780605 QSAR-by-NMR: quantitative insights into structural determinants for binding affinity by analysis of 1H/15N chemical shift differences in MMP-3 ligands. 22-MAR-2005 10-NOV-2009
15203149 Structure-based design of amidinophenylurea-derivatives for factor VIIa inhibition. 18-JUN-2004 10-NOV-2009
16392792 Matrix metalloproteinase target family landscape: a chemometrical approach to ligand selectivity based on protein binding site analysis. 05-JAN-2006 10-NOV-2009
12036347 Structural classification of protein kinases using 3D molecular interaction field analysis of their ligand binding sites: target family landscapes. 30-MAY-2002 10-NOV-2009
15734645 Structural basis for the highly selective inhibition of MMP-13. 00-FEB-2005 17-JUL-2007
15261269 Novel factor Xa inhibitors based on a 2-carboxyindole scaffold: SAR of P4 substituents in combination with a neutral P1 ligand. 16-AUG-2004 27-MAY-2007
15261268 Factor Xa inhibitors based on a 2-carboxyindole scaffold: SAR of neutral P1 substituents. 16-AUG-2004 27-MAY-2007
12061878 Design and quantitative structure-activity relationship of 3-amidinobenzyl-1H-indole-2-carboxamides as potent, nonchiral, and selective inhibitors of blood coagulation factor Xa. 20-JUN-2002 17-FEB-2007
15857135 Structural requirements for factor Xa inhibition by 3-oxybenzamides with neutral P1 substituents: combining X-ray crystallography, 3D-QSAR, and tailored scoring functions. 05-MAY-2005 12-FEB-2007