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35 articles for Cardiff University

The following articles (labelled with PubMed ID or TBD) are for your review
PMIDArticle TitlePublishedDeposition
27301368 Rational design and synthesis of novel anti-prostate cancer agents bearing a 3,5-bis-trifluoromethylphenyl moiety. 19-JUL-2016 12-OCT-2017
26965862 7-Substituted umbelliferone derivatives as androgen receptor antagonists for the potential treatment of prostate and breast cancer. 26-MAR-2016 27-JUL-2017
25619636 Computer-aided identification of novel anticancer compounds with a possible dual HER1/HER2 inhibition mechanism. 04-FEB-2015 04-APR-2016
25240094 Novel styryl-indoles as small molecule inhibitors of 25-hydroxyvitamin D-24-hydroxylase (CYP24A1): Synthesis and biological evaluation. 02-DEC-2014 08-MAR-2016
25148392 Small-molecule inhibitors of 25-hydroxyvitamin D-24-hydroxylase (CYP24A1): synthesis and biological evaluation. 13-NOV-2014 06-MAR-2016
23474389 Synthesis and evaluation of 3-(benzylthio)-5-(1H-indol-3-yl)-1,2,4-triazol-4-amines as Bcl-2 inhibitory anticancer agents. 26-MAR-2013 12-APR-2014
22989911 Synthesis and CYP26A1 inhibitory activity of novel methyl 3-[4-(arylamino)phenyl]-3-(azole)-2,2-dimethylpropanoates. 01-OCT-2012 17-MAY-2013
22727372 Novel retinoic acid 4-hydroxylase (CYP26) inhibitors based on a 3-(1H-imidazol- and triazol-1-yl)-2,2-dimethyl-3-(4-(phenylamino)phenyl)propyl scaffold. 03-JUL-2012 17-MAY-2013
20594862 Synthesis and CYP24A1 inhibitory activity of N-(2-(1H-imidazol-1-yl)-2-phenylethyl)arylamides. 13-JUL-2010 31-DEC-2012
18722776 Novel azolyl-(phenylmethyl)]aryl/heteroarylamines: potent CYP26 inhibitors and enhancers of all-trans retinoic acid activity in neuroblastoma cells. 04-SEP-2008 19-DEC-2012
16161998 Deoxyuridine triphosphate nucleotidohydrolase as a potential antiparasitic drug target. 15-SEP-2005 04-DEC-2012
15189039 Selective inhibition of Trypanosoma brucei 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase by high-energy intermediate and transition-state analogues. 10-JUN-2004 30-NOV-2012
11585449 Synthesis and biological evaluation of s-triazine substituted polyamines as potential new anti-trypanosomal drugs. 04-OCT-2001 25-NOV-2012
18608743 Design and synthesis of substituted imidazole and triazole N-phenylbenzo[d]oxazolamine inhibitors of retinoic acid metabolizing enzyme CYP26. XX-APR-2009 09-JUL-2012
15968818 Benzofuran- and furan-2-yl-(phenyl)-3-pyridylmethanols: synthesis and inhibition of P450 aromatase. XX-APR-2005 07-MAY-2012
11916147 Evaluation of 7-hydroxy-flavones as inhibitors of oestrone and oestradiol biosynthesis. XX-NOV-2001 16-APR-2012
11496833 Inhibitors of human and rat testes microsomal 17beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (17beta-HSD) as potential agents for prostatic cancer. XX-JAN-2001 09-APR-2012
21838328 Synthesis and biological evaluation of 3-(1H-imidazol- and triazol-1-yl)-2,2-dimethyl-3-[4-(naphthalen-2-ylamino)phenyl]propyl derivatives as small molecule inhibitors of retinoic acid 4-hydroxylase (CYP26). 06-OCT-2011 24-MAR-2012
21696963 Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of 2'-deoxy-2',2'-difluoro-5-halouridine phosphoramidate ProTides. 04-JUL-2011 23-MAR-2012
21428449 Small molecule inhibitors of retinoic acid 4-hydroxylase (CYP26): synthesis and biological evaluation of imidazole methyl 3-(4-(aryl-2-ylamino)phenyl)propanoates. 21-APR-2011 03-DEC-2011
20655626 Synthesis and CYP24A1 inhibitory activity of (E)-2-(2-substituted benzylidene)- and 2-(2-substituted benzyl)-6-methoxy-tetralones. 30-AUG-2010 12-JUN-2011
18539026 Microwave-assisted synthesis of 5-aminopyrazol-4-yl ketones and the p38(MAPK) inhibitor RO3201195 for study in Werner syndrome cells. 16-JUN-2008 11-JAN-2010
17709461 Quinuclidine derivatives as potential antiparasitics. 22-OCT-2007 11-JAN-2010
18666770 Synthesis and biological properties of benzothiazole, benzoxazole, and chromen-4-one analogues of the potent antitumor agent 2-(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl)-5-fluorobenzothiazole (PMX 610, NSC 721648). 25-AUG-2008 11-JAN-2010
17964780 Synthesis and in vivo activity of MK2 and MK2 substrate-selective p38alpha(MAPK) inhibitors in Werner syndrome cells. 16-NOV-2007 11-NOV-2009
14561091 Azasterols as inhibitors of sterol 24-methyltransferase in Leishmania species and Trypanosoma cruzi. 16-OCT-2003 10-NOV-2009
16821778 Acyclic nucleoside analogues as inhibitors of Plasmodium falciparum dUTPase. 06-JUL-2006 10-NOV-2009
16677813 Design, synthesis and evaluation of novel uracil amino acid conjugates for the inhibition of Trypanosoma cruzi dUTPase. 05-JUN-2006 10-NOV-2009
17004723 Evaluation of azasterols as anti-parasitics. 28-SEP-2006 10-NOV-2009
10450990 1-[(Benzofuran-2-yl)phenylmethyl]-triazoles and -tetrazoles - potent competitive inhibitors of aromatase. 24-SEP-1999 10-NOV-2009
10543874 Design, synthesis, and evaluation of inhibitors of trypanosomal and leishmanial dihydrofolate reductase. 22-NOV-1999 10-NOV-2009
10360757 The structure-based design and synthesis of selective inhibitors of Trypanosoma cruzi dihydrofolate reductase. 22-JUL-1999 10-NOV-2009
14552774 The total synthesis of an aurone isolated from Uvaria hamiltonii: aurones and flavones as anticancer agents. 13-OCT-2003 10-NOV-2009
15482941 Synthesis and CYP24 inhibitory activity of 2-substituted-3,4-dihydro-2H-naphthalen-1-one (tetralone) derivatives. 14-OCT-2004 10-NOV-2009
16451067 Potent CYP19 (aromatase) 1-[(benzofuran-2-yl)(phenylmethyl)pyridine, -imidazole, and -triazole inhibitors: synthesis and biological evaluation. 09-FEB-2006 19-JUN-2006