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5 articles for Charles University

The following articles (labelled with PubMed ID or TBD) are for your review
PMIDArticle TitlePublishedDeposition
28245905 Synthesis of readily available fluorophenylalanine derivatives and investigation of their biological activity. XX-APR-2017 18-APR-2017
26030662 In Vitro Inhibitory Effects of 8-O-Demethylmaritidine and Undulatine on Acetylcholinesterase and Their Predicted Penetration across the Blood-Brain Barrier. 26-JUN-2015 12-OCT-2016
21397501 Preparation, in vitro screening and molecular modelling of symmetrical bis-quinolinium cholinesterase inhibitors--implications for early myasthenia gravis treatment. 04-APR-2011 02-DEC-2011
20817518 Synthesis and in vitro evaluation of N-alkyl-7-methoxytacrine hydrochlorides as potential cholinesterase inhibitors in Alzheimer disease. 20-SEP-2010 12-JUN-2011
9046330 Cytokinin-derived cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors: synthesis and cdc2 inhibitory activity of olomoucine and related compounds. 26-MAR-1997 10-NOV-2009