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7 articles for Egyptian Russian University

The following articles (labelled with PubMed ID or TBD) are for your review
PMIDArticle TitlePublishedDeposition
27391135 3-Hydrazinoindolin-2-one derivatives: Chemical classification and investigation of their targets as anticancer agents. 21-OCT-2016 03-AUG-2018
26922228 Increasing the binding affinity of VEGFR-2 inhibitors by extending their hydrophobic interaction with the active site: Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of 1-substituted-4-(4-methoxybenzyl)phthalazine derivatives. 29-MAR-2016 02-JUL-2017
26840366 Amido/ureidosubstituted benzenesulfonamides-isatin conjugates as low nanomolar/subnanomolar inhibitors of the tumor-associated carbonic anhydrase isoform XII. 15-FEB-2016 18-JUN-2017
26706352 Bis-isatin hydrazones with novel linkers: Synthesis and biological evaluation as cytotoxic agents. 21-JAN-2016 08-JUN-2017
26408817 Isatin-pyrazole benzenesulfonamide hybrids potently inhibit tumor-associated carbonic anhydrase isoforms IX and XII. 09-OCT-2015 18-DEC-2016
26071861 Indoline ureas as potential anti-hepatocellular carcinoma agents targeting VEGFR-2: Synthesis, in vitro biological evaluation and molecular docking. 08-7 -2015 16-OCT-2016
25462265 Design, synthesis and in vitro antitumor activity of novel N-substituted-4-phenyl/benzylphthalazin-1-ones. 08-DEC-2014 17-MAR-2016