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28686445 39 Discovery and Optimization of Chromeno[2,3-c]pyrrol-9(2H)-ones as Novel Selective and Orally Bioavailable Phosphodiesterase 5 Inhibitors for the Treatment of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.EBI Sun Yat-sen University
28406621 65 Discovery of Selective Phosphodiesterase 1 Inhibitors with Memory Enhancing Properties.EBI Dart Neuroscience LLC
28165743 37 Design and Synthesis of Novel and Selective Phosphodiesterase 2 (PDE2a) Inhibitors for the Treatment of Memory Disorders.EBI Dart Neuroscience LLC
2913296 4 Cardiotonic agents. 1-Methyl-7-(4-pyridyl)-5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-3 (2H)-isoquinolinones and related compounds. Synthesis and activity.EBI Mitsui Toatsu Chemicals Inc.
10636238 71 Synthesis and structure-activity relationships of 4-oxo-1-phenyl-3,4,6,7-tetrahydro-[1,4]diazepino[6,7,1-hi]indoles: novel PDE4 inhibitors.EBI Institut de Recherche Jouveinal-Parke Davis
26978121 20 Discovery and modelling studies of natural ingredients from Gaultheria yunnanensis (FRANCH.) against phosphodiesterase-4.EBI Sun Yat-sen University
26935942 41 Synthesis and evaluation of analogs of the phenylpyridazinone NPD-001 as potent trypanosomal TbrPDEB1 phosphodiesterase inhibitors and in vitro trypanocidals.EBI Mercachem
26562545 13 Development of highly potent phosphodiesterase 10A (PDE10A) inhibitors: Synthesis and in vitro evaluation of 1,8-dipyridinyl- and 1-pyridinyl-substituted imidazo[1,5-a]quinoxalines.EBI Institute of Radiopharmaceutical Cancer Research
25456383 113 Synthesis and preliminary biological evaluation of potent and selective 2-(3-alkoxy-1-azetidinyl) quinolines as novel PDE10A inhibitors with improved solubility.EBI TBA
25432025 34 Discovery of a phosphodiesterase 9A inhibitor as a potential hypoglycemic agent.EBI Sun Yat-sen University
24758746 36 Discovery of a potent, selective, and orally active phosphodiesterase 10A inhibitor for the potential treatment of schizophrenia.EBI Janssen Pharmaceutica NV
23260348 91 Discovery of a new series of [1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-a]quinoxalines as dual phosphodiesterase 2/phosphodiesterase 10 (PDE2/PDE10) inhibitors.EBI Janssen-Cilag S.A.
22985069 18 Structure-based discovery of highly selective phosphodiesterase-9A inhibitors and implications for inhibitor design.EBI Sun Yat-sen University
15887951 29 The next generation of phosphodiesterase inhibitors: structural clues to ligand and substrate selectivity of phosphodiesterases.EBI Monash University (Parkville Campus)
10090791 77 Novel, potent, and selective phosphodiesterase-4 inhibitors as antiasthmatic agents: synthesis and biological activities of a series of 1-pyridylnaphthalene derivatives.EBI Tanabe Seiyaku Company, Ltd.
8254606 55 Cyclic GMP phosphodiesterase inhibitors. 1. The discovery of a novel potent inhibitor, 4-((3,4-(methylenedioxy)benzyl)amino)-6,7,8-trimethoxyquinazoline.EBI Eisai Co., Ltd
2822927 51 Cardiotonic agents. 8. Selective inhibitors of adenosine 3',5'-cyclic phosphate phosphodiesterase III. Elaboration of a five-point model for positive inotropic activity.EBI Warner-Lambert Company
2985781 53 A new generation of phosphodiesterase inhibitors: multiple molecular forms of phosphodiesterase and the potential for drug selectivity.EBI TBA
12824030 67 1,7- and 2,7-naphthyridine derivatives as potent and highly specific PDE5 inhibitors.EBI Tanabe Seiyaku Co., Ltd
11755362 24 Synthesis of 4-(8-benzo[1,2,5]oxadiazol-5-yl-[1,7]naphthyridine-6-yl)-benzoic acid: a potent and selective phosphodiesterase type 4D inhibitor.EBI Novartis Pharma AG
21988093 316 Highly potent, selective, and orally active phosphodiesterase 10A inhibitors.EBI Pfizer Inc
21955943 47 Investigation of the pyrazinones as PDE5 inhibitors: evaluation of regioisomeric projections into the solvent region.EBI Pfizer Inc
21983442 142 Synthesis and structure-activity relationship studies of dihydronaphthyridinediones as a novel structural class of potent and selective PDE7 inhibitors.EBI BioCrea GmbH
21087867 30 Synthesis and SAR study of new phenylimidazole-pyrazolo[1,5-c]quinazolines as potent phosphodiesterase 10A inhibitors.EBI Universit£ di Sassari
20450197 80 Discovery of imidazo[1,5-a]pyrido[3,2-e]pyrazines as a new class of phosphodiesterase 10A inhibitiors.EBI Biotie Therapies GmbH
20196613 32 Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of 3-[4-(2-hydroxyethyl)piperazin-1-yl]-7-(6-methoxypyridin-3-yl)-1-(2-propoxyethyl)pyrido[3,4-b]pyrazin-2(1H)-one, a potent, orally active, brain penetrant inhibitor of phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5).EBI Pfizer Inc
19631533 126 Optimization of the aminopyridopyrazinones class of PDE5 inhibitors: discovery of 3-[(trans-4-hydroxycyclohexyl)amino]-7-(6-methoxypyridin-3-yl)-1-(2-propoxyethyl)pyrido[3,4-b]pyrazin-2(1H)-one.EBI Pfizer Inc
 71 Imidazotriazinone inhibitors of the Ca2+-calmodulin sensitive phosphodiesterase (PDE I)EBI TBA
19339180 69 The discovery of potent, selective, and orally bioavailable PDE9 inhibitors as potential hypoglycemic agents.EBI Pfizer Inc
16337379 14 Identification of phosphodiesterase-1 and 5 dual inhibitors by a ligand-based virtual screening optimized for lead evolution.EBI Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd
16275071 26 A new chemical tool for exploring the physiological function of the PDE2 isozyme.EBI Pfizer Inc
16005625 162 Discovery of hydroxamic acid analogs as dual inhibitors of phosphodiesterase-1 and -5.EBI Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd
15993055 61 Comparison of different heterocyclic scaffolds as substrate analog PDE5 inhibitors.EBI Bayer HealthCare AG
15324877 90 Spiroquinazolinones as novel, potent, and selective PDE7 inhibitors. Part 2: Optimization of 5,8-disubstituted derivatives.EBI Pfizer Inc
15324876 94 Spiroquinazolinones as novel, potent, and selective PDE7 inhibitors. Part 1.EBI Pfizer Inc
15324874 169 Discovery of thiadiazoles as a novel structural class of potent and selective PDE7 inhibitors. Part 1: design, synthesis and structure-activity relationship studies.EBI Pfizer Inc
15149695 24 New substituted triaza-benzo[cd]azulen-9-ones as promising phosphodiesterase-4 inhibitors.EBI Pfizer Inc
10197972 133 1-Arylnaphthalene lignan: a novel scaffold for type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitor.EBI Tanabe Seiyaku Company, Ltd.
9873594 44 Aryl sulfonamides as selective PDE4 inhibitors.EBI Chiroscience Ltd
25062128 16 Discovery of clinical candidate 1-(4-(3-(4-(1H-benzo[d]imidazole-2-carbonyl)phenoxy)pyrazin-2-yl)piperidin-1-yl)ethanone (AMG 579), a potent, selective, and efficacious inhibitor of phosphodiesterase 10A (PDE10A).EBI Amgen Inc.
6471063 10 Cardiotonic agents. 1. 4,5-Dihydro-6-[4-(1H-imidazol-1-yl)phenyl]-3 (2H)-pyridazinones: novel positive inotropic agents for the treatment of congestive heart failure.EBI TBA
11123995 113 Synthesis, structure-activity relationships, and pharmacological profile of 9-amino-4-oxo-1-phenyl-3,4,6,7-tetrahydro[1,4]diazepino[6, 7,1-hi]indoles: discovery of potent, selective phosphodiesterase type 4 inhibitors.EBI Pfizer Inc.
9379444 54 Selective inhibitors of cyclic AMP-specific phosphodiesterase: heterocycle-condensed purines.EBI Hokuriku University
8632423 16 Homologs of idoxifene: variation of estrogen receptor binding and calmodulin antagonism with chain length.EBI Institute of Cancer Research
3585900 10 Cardiotonic agents. 5. 1,2-Dihydro-5-[4-(1H-imidazol-1-yl)phenyl]-6-methyl-2-oxo-3- pyridinecarbonitriles and related compounds. Synthesis and inotropic activity.EBI TBA
30148362 36 Optimization of Chromeno[2,3- c]pyrrol-9(2 H)-ones as Highly Potent, Selective, and Orally Bioavailable PDE5 Inhibitors: Structure-Activity Relationship, X-ray Crystal Structure, and Pharmacodynamic Effect on Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.EBI Sun Yat-Sen University
2822926 95 Cardiotonic agents. 7. Inhibition of separated forms of cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase from guinea pig cardiac muscle by 4,5-dihydro-6-[4-(1H-imidazol-1-yl)phenyl]-3(2H)-pyridazinones and related compounds. Structure-activity relationships and correlation with in vivo positive inotropic activiEBI Warner-Lambert Company
29291443 30 Prenylated flavonoids as potent phosphodiesterase-4 inhibitors from Morus alba: Isolation, modification, and structure-activity relationship study.EBI Sun Yat-sen University
29718668 27 Discovery of Potent and Selective Periphery-Restricted Quinazoline Inhibitors of the Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterase PDE1.EBI Pfizer Inc
17507218 28 Alpha-methylation at benzylic fragment of N-aryl-N'-benzyl ureas provides TRPV1 antagonists with better pharmacokinetic properties and higher efficacy in inflammatory pain model.BDB Abbott Laboratories
16603355 44 Isoquinoline-pyridine-based protein kinase B/Akt antagonists: SAR and in vivo antitumor activity.BDB Abbott Laboratories
15261268 26 Factor Xa inhibitors based on a 2-carboxyindole scaffold: SAR of neutral P1 substituents.BDB Aventis Pharma Deutschland GmbH
11591522 17 Structure-based design of caspase-1 inhibitor containing a diphenyl ether sulfonamide.BDB Pfizer Inc