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27966948 86 Discovery of Novel, Highly Potent, and Selective Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP)-13 Inhibitors with a 1,2,4-Triazol-3-yl Moiety as a Zinc Binding Group Using a Structure-Based Design Approach.EBI Pharmaceutical Company Limited
27825552 152 Design, synthesis, and biological activity of novel, potent, and highly selective fused pyrimidine-2-carboxamide-4-one-based matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-13 zinc-binding inhibitors.EBI Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited
27452283 241 Robust design of some selective matrix metalloproteinase-2 inhibitors over matrix metalloproteinase-9 through in silico/fragment-based lead identification and de novo lead modification: Syntheses and biological assays.EBI Jadavpur University
26653735 81 Discovery of N-(4-Fluoro-3-methoxybenzyl)-6-(2-(((2S,5R)-5-(hydroxymethyl)-1,4-dioxan-2-yl)methyl)-2H-tetrazol-5-yl)-2-methylpyrimidine-4-carboxamide. A Highly Selective and Orally Bioavailable Matrix Metalloproteinase-13 Inhibitor for the Potential Treatment of Osteoarthritis.EBI Pfizer Inc.
26753813 22 Design and synthesis of an activity-based protein profiling probe derived from cinnamic hydroxamic acid.EBI University of Minnesota
26192023 71 SAR Studies of Exosite-Binding Substrate-Selective Inhibitors of A Disintegrin And Metalloprotease 17 (ADAM17) and Application as Selective in Vitro Probes.EBI £Florida Atlantic University
25264600 64 Discovery of novel, highly potent, and selective quinazoline-2-carboxamide-based matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-13 inhibitors without a zinc binding group using a structure-based design approach.EBI Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited
25265401 38 Targeting matrix metalloproteinases: exploring the dynamics of the s1' pocket in the design of selective, small molecule inhibitors.EBI Universidad CEU San Pablo
25192810 66 Thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidine-2-carboxamides bearing a carboxybenzene group at 5-position: highly potent, selective, and orally available MMP-13 inhibitors interacting with the S1 binding site.EBI Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd
24028490 46 O-phenyl carbamate and phenyl urea thiiranes as selective matrix metalloproteinase-2 inhibitors that cross the blood-brain barrier.EBI University of Notre Dame
23246356 52 MMP inhibition by barbiturate homodimers.EBI Trinity College
17275314 701 Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs): chemical-biological functions and (Q)SARs.EBI Pomona College
21780776 40 Remarkable potential of thea-aminophosphonate/phosphinate structural motif in medicinal chemistry.EBI Wroclaw University of Technology
21413800 56 A one-pot synthesis and biological activity of ageladine A and analogues.EBI Macquarie University
23149299 50 Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of 5-hydroxy, 5-substituted-pyrimidine-2,4,6-triones as potent inhibitors of gelatinases MMP-2 and MMP-9.EBI Universit£ degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro
22540974 67 A new class of highly potent matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors based on triazole-substituted hydroxamates: (radio)synthesis and in vitro and first in vivo evaluation.EBI University Hospital M£nster
22175799 22 Discovery and evaluation of a non-Zn chelating, selective matrix metalloproteinase 13 (MMP-13) inhibitor for potential intra-articular treatment of osteoarthritis.EBI Alantos Pharmaceuticals AG
19715320 87 Grassystatins A-C from marine cyanobacteria, potent cathepsin E inhibitors that reduce antigen presentation.EBI University of Florida
18257543 16 Carbamoylphosphonate matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors 6: cis-2-aminocyclohexylcarbamoylphosphonic acid, a novel orally active antimetastatic matrix metalloproteinase-2 selective inhibitor--synthesis and pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic analysis.EBI The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
18061445 103 Alpha,beta-cyclic-beta-benzamido hydroxamic acids: novel templates for the design, synthesis, and evaluation of selective inhibitors of TNF-alpha converting enzyme (TACE).EBI Bristol-Myers Squibb Research and Development
17956082 86 Novel fluorinated derivatives of the broad-spectrum MMP inhibitors N-hydroxy-2(R)-[[(4-methoxyphenyl)sulfonyl](benzyl)- and (3-picolyl)-amino]-3-methyl-butanamide as potential tools for the molecular imaging of activated MMPs with PET.EBI University Hospital of the Westf£lische Wilhelms-Universit£t M£nster
15713379 40 N-i-Propoxy-N-biphenylsulfonylaminobutylhydroxamic acids as potent and selective inhibitors of MMP-2 and MT1-MMP.EBI Universit£ degli Studi di Pisa
15139760 110 Carbamoylphosphonates, a new class of in vivo active matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors. 1. Alkyl- and cycloalkylcarbamoylphosphonic acids.EBI The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
12773042 195 Synthesis and structure-activity relationship of N-substituted 4-arylsulfonylpiperidine-4-hydroxamic acids as novel, orally active matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors for the treatment of osteoarthritis.EBI Wyeth Research
11472217 157 Design, synthesis, and structure-activity relationships of macrocyclic hydroxamic acids that inhibit tumor necrosis factor alpha release in vitro and in vivo.EBI DuPont Pharmaceuticals Company
11472202 143 Potent and selective carboxylic acid-based inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases.EBI TBA
10669559 180 Protease inhibitors: current status and future prospects.EBI University of Queensland
10579818 162 Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of potent thiazine- and thiazepine-based matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors.EBI Procter and Gamble Pharmaceuticals
10354399 90 Quantitative structure-activity relationship of human neutrophil collagenase (MMP-8) inhibitors using comparative molecular field analysis and X-ray structure analysis.EBI Hoechst Marion Roussel
9888835 42 Design and synthesis of phosphinamide-based hydroxamic acids as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases.EBI Procter and Gamble Pharmaceuticals
15177439 96 Pyran-containing sulfonamide hydroxamic acids: potent MMP inhibitors that spare MMP-1.EBI Pfizer Inc.
12824028 75 Phosphinic acid-based MMP-13 inhibitors that spare MMP-1 and MMP-3.EBI Pfizer Inc.
11327577 86 Heterocycle-based MMP inhibitors with P2' substituents.EBI Procter and Gamble Pharmaceuticals
11378378 34 Arylsulphonyl hydroxamic acids: potent and selective matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors.EBI Celltech Chiroscience Ltd
22386984 67 In silico scaffold evaluation and solid phase approach to identify new gelatinase inhibitors.EBI Colosseum Combinatorial Chemistry Centre for Technology (C4T SCarl)
22175825 19 Potent inhibitors of LpxC for the treatment of Gram-negative infections.EBI Pfizer Inc.
22118188 50 A new generation of radiofluorinated pyrimidine-2,4,6-triones as MMP-targeted radiotracers for positron emission tomography.EBI University Hospital M£nster
22018790 9 Identification of novel, exosite-binding matrix metalloproteinase-13 inhibitor scaffolds.EBI Scripps Florida
22017539 75 Fragment-based discovery of indole inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinase-13.EBI Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc
22017477 35 Novel 1-hydroxypiperazine-2,6-diones as new leads in the inhibition of metalloproteinases.EBI Instituto Superior T£cnico
22153340 37 Discovery of potent and selective matrix metalloprotease 12 inhibitors for the potential treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).EBI Pfizer Inc.
20726512 282 Orally active MMP-1 sparinga-tetrahydropyranyl anda-piperidinyl sulfone matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) inhibitors with efficacy in cancer, arthritis, and cardiovascular disease.EBI Pfizer Inc.
21514700 56 Synthesis and biological evaluation in U87MG glioma cells of (ethynylthiophene)sulfonamido-based hydroxamates as matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors.EBI Universit£ di Pisa
21507637 102 MMP-13 selectivea-sulfone hydroxamates: a survey of P1' heterocyclic amide isosteres.EBI Pfizer Inc.
21493063 67 MMP-13 selective alpha-sulfone hydroxamates: identification of selective P1' amides.EBI Pfizer Inc.
20965620 50 Structure-based approach to nanomolar, water soluble matrix metalloproteinases inhibitors (MMPIs).EBI ProtEra s.r.l.
20529685 70 MMP-13 selective isonipecotamide alpha-sulfone hydroxamates.EBI Pfizer Research& Development
20529684 112 Orally bioavailable dual MMP-1/MMP-14 sparing, MMP-13 selective alpha-sulfone hydroxamates.EBI Pfizer Research& Development
20005097 58 Discovery of (pyridin-4-yl)-2H-tetrazole as a novel scaffold to identify highly selective matrix metalloproteinase-13 inhibitors for the treatment of osteoarthritis.EBI Pfizer Inc.
19775099 184 Design, synthesis, biological evaluation, and NMR studies of a new series of arylsulfones as selective and potent matrix metalloproteinase-12 inhibitors.EBI Universit£ di Pisa
19725580 93 Identification of an orally efficacious matrix metalloprotease 12 inhibitor for potential treatment of asthma.EBI Wyeth Research
19606871 124 N-O-isopropyl sulfonamido-based hydroxamates: design, synthesis and biological evaluation of selective matrix metalloproteinase-13 inhibitors as potential therapeutic agents for osteoarthritis.EBI Universit£ di Pisa
 39 Mercaptoacyl matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors: The effect of substitution at the mercaptoacyl moietyEBI TBA
 17 Design and synthesis of the cartilage protective agent (CPA, Ro32-3555)EBI TBA
 47 Hydroxamate inhibitors of human gelatinase B (92 kDa)EBI TBA
 39 Hydroxamate inhibitors of the matrix metallo-proteinases (MMPs) containing novel P1′ heteroatom based modificationsEBI TBA
 40 Novel indolactam-based inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinasesEBI TBA
19053764 101 Dual inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases and carbonic anhydrases: iminodiacetyl-based hydroxamate-benzenesulfonamide conjugates.EBI Instituto Superior Técnico
18790648 317 Specific targeting of metzincin family members with small-molecule inhibitors: progress toward a multifarious challenge.EBI University of Athens
18364257 16 Ranking the selectivity of PubChem screening hits by activity-based protein profiling: MMP13 as a case study.EBI The Scripps Research Institute
17719700 39 Peptidyl 3-substituted 1-hydroxyureas as isosteric analogues of succinylhydroxamate MMP inhibitors.EBI Università G. d'Annunzio
17623656 34 Discovery and characterization of a novel inhibitor of matrix metalloprotease-13 that reduces cartilage damage in vivo without joint fibroplasia side effects.EBI Pfizer Global Research and Development
17512742 32 Simultaneous presence of unsaturation and long alkyl chain at P'1 of Ilomastat confers selectivity for gelatinase A (MMP-2) over gelatinase B (MMP-9) inhibition as shown by molecular modelling studies.EBI Université de Reims-Champagne-Ardenne
17276676 112 A new 4-(2-methylquinolin-4-ylmethyl)phenyl P1' group for the beta-amino hydroxamic acid derived TACE inhibitors.EBI Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute
17267227 12 Synthesis and in vitro evaluation of targeted tetracycline derivatives: effects on inhibition of matrix metalloproteinases.EBI INSERM
17088065 106 alpha-Biphenylsulfonylamino 2-methylpropyl phosphonates: enantioselective synthesis and selective inhibition of MMPs.EBI Università "G. d'Annunzio"
16516466 175 Synthesis and structure-activity relationship of a novel, achiral series of TNF-alpha converting enzyme inhibitors.EBI Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute
16392792 29 Matrix metalloproteinase target family landscape: a chemometrical approach to ligand selectivity based on protein binding site analysis.EBI Aventis Pharma Deutschland GmbH
16242329 12 N-Hydroxyurea as zinc binding group in matrix metalloproteinase inhibition: mode of binding in a complex with MMP-8.EBI Università degli Studi 'G. d'Annunzio'
16153831 87 Synthesis and SAR of highly selective MMP-13 inhibitors.EBI Wyeth Research
16002291 24 Structure-based design and synthesis of novel non-zinc chelating MMP-12 inhibitors.EBI Pfizer Global Research and Development
15953722 56 Discovery of 3-OH-3-methylpipecolic hydroxamates: potent orally active inhibitors of aggrecanase and MMP-13.EBI Pfizer Global Research and Development
15780611 74 Potent pyrimidinetrione-based inhibitors of MMP-13 with enhanced selectivity over MMP-14.EBI Pfizer Global Research and Development
15780605 2 QSAR-by-NMR: quantitative insights into structural determinants for binding affinity by analysis of 1H/15N chemical shift differences in MMP-3 ligands.EBI Aventis Pharma Deutschland GmbH
14711305 26 Evaluation of P1'-diversified phosphinic peptides leads to the development of highly selective inhibitors of MMP-11.EBI University of Athens
12824039 56 Novel inhibitors of procollagen C-proteinase. Part 2: glutamic acid hydroxamates.EBI CombiChem Inc.
12408705 73 Discovery of gamma-lactam hydroxamic acids as selective inhibitors of tumor necrosis factor alpha converting enzyme: design, synthesis, and structure-activity relationships.EBI Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
11958997 53 Oxal hydroxamic acid derivatives with inhibitory activity against matrix metalloproteinases.EBI University of Bielefeld
11754593 148 Phenoxyphenyl sulfone N-formylhydroxylamines (retrohydroxamates) as potent, selective, orally bioavailable matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors.EBI Abbott Laboratories
11585440 76 Discovery of macrocyclic hydroxamic acids containing biphenylmethyl derivatives at P1', a series of selective TNF-alpha converting enzyme inhibitors with potent cellular activity in the inhibition of TNF-alpha release.EBI DuPont Pharmaceuticals Company
11585439 44 Design and synthesis of a series of (2R)-N(4)-hydroxy-2-(3-hydroxybenzyl)-N(1)- [(1S,2R)-2-hydroxy-2,3-dihydro-1H-inden-1-yl]butanediamide derivatives as potent, selective, and orally bioavailable aggrecanase inhibitors.EBI The DuPont Pharmaceuticals Company
11563922 147 Structure-based design and synthesis of potent matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors derived from a 6H-1,3,4-thiadiazine scaffold.EBI Universität Bielefeld
11327602 58 Novel 5,5-disubstitutedpyrimidine-2,4,6-triones as selective MMP inhibitors.EBI Roche Research Center
10794702 340 Protease inhibitors: synthesis of potent bacterial collagenase and matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors incorporating N-4-nitrobenzylsulfonylglycine hydroxamate moieties.EBI Università degli Studi
10579851 151 New alpha-substituted succinate-based hydroxamic acids as TNFalpha convertase inhibitors.EBI Centre de Recherches
10579815 168 Affinity and selectivity of matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors: a chemometrical study from the perspective of ligands and proteins.EBI Hoechst Marion Roussel
10522712 109 The synthesis and biological evaluation of non-peptidic matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors.EBI British Biotech Pharmaceuticals Limited
10411481 144 Phosphinic pseudo-tripeptides as potent inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases: a structure-activity study.EBI CEA
10406637 20 Synthesis and identification of conformationally constrained selective MMP inhibitors.EBI Searle Discovery Research
10360755 17 P1, P2'-linked macrocyclic amine derivatives as matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors.EBI DuPont Pharmaceuticals Company
10230616 30 Discovery of a novel series of selective MMP inhibitors: identification of the gamma-sulfone-thiols.EBI Searle Discovery Research
9685244 15 Bis-substituted malonic acid hydroxamate derivatives as inhibitors of human neutrophil collagenase (MMP8).EBI Boehringer Mannheim GmbH
9599226 25 Macrocyclic amino carboxylates as selective MMP-8 inhibitors.EBI The DuPont Merck Pharmaceutical Co.
9464365 30 Design and synthesis of malonic acid-based inhibitors of human neutrophil collagenase (MMP8).EBI Institut für Biochemie
9457244 189 Matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors: a structure-activity study.EBI Glycomed, Inc.
7629797 73 Inhibition of matrix metalloproteinases by hydroxamates containing heteroatom-based modifications of the P1' group.EBI Sterling Winthrop Pharmaceuticals Research Division
28653849 67 Structure-Based Design and Synthesis of Potent and Selective Matrix Metalloproteinase 13 Inhibitors.EBI Department of Chemistry, Scripps Florida , 130 Scripps Way, Jupiter, Florida 33458, United States.
21524149 13 Design, synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of conformationally restricted N-arylsulfonyl-3-aminoalkoxy indoles as a potential 5-HT6 receptor ligands.BDB Suven Life Sciences Ltd
8632342 110 Pharmacologic characterization of the human 5-hydroxytryptamine2B receptor: evidence for species differences.BDB Eli Lilly and Company
7651361 32 Characterization of (+/-)(-)[3H]epibatidine binding to nicotinic cholinergic receptors in rat and human brain.BDB Georgetown University
7515823 54 Actions of phenylglycine analogs at subtypes of the metabotropic glutamate receptor family.BDB Novo Nordisk A/S
7509389 8 Pharmacological profile of FK480, a novel cholecystokinin type-A receptor antagonist: comparison to loxiglumide.BDB Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
19462975 18 Hybrid compound design to overcome the gatekeeper T338M mutation in cSrc.BDB Chemical Genomics Centre of the Max Planck Society
17034127 45 Small-molecule inhibitors of the MDM2-p53 protein-protein interaction based on an isoindolinone scaffold.BDB University of Newcastle upon Tyne
19267461 53 Novel tricyclic inhibitors of IkappaB kinase.BDB Bristol-Myers Squibb Company