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PMIDDataArticle TitleOrganization
27261179 11 Identification of potent and selective retinoic acid receptor gamma (RAR) antagonists for the treatment of osteoarthritis pain using structure based drug design.EBI Eli Lilly and Company
26819660 82 SAR Exploration Guided by LE and Fsp(3): Discovery of a Selective and Orally Efficacious ROR Inhibitor.EBI Central Pharmaceutical Research Institute
25838141 8 Xanthones from the roots of Maclura cochinchinensis var. gerontogea and their retinoic acid receptor-a agonistic activity.EBI Aichi Gakuin University
24831826 59 Small molecule inhibitors targeting activator protein 1 (AP-1).EBI University of Texas Medical Branch
25305688 41 Identification of the first inverse agonist of retinoid-related orphan receptor (ROR) with dual selectivity for ROR and RORt.EBI Phenex Pharmaceuticals AG
24457093 12 Inhibition of IB kinase- and IB kinase-a by heterocyclic adamantyl arotinoids.EBI Universidade de Vigo
23685180 1 Design, synthesis and evaluation of retinoids with novel bulky hydrophobic partial structures.EBI Research Foundation Itsuu Laboratory
19239230 42 Design, synthesis, and structure-activity analysis of isoform-selective retinoic acid receptor beta ligands.EBI ACADIA Pharmaceuticals AB
21218783 117 Identification of diaryl ether-based ligands for estrogen-related receptora as potential antidiabetic agents.EBI Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development LLC
 27 Synthesis and biological activities of new heterocyclic aromatic retinoidsEBI TBA
20925433 21 Toward the development of innovative bifunctional agents to induce differentiation and to promote apoptosis in leukemia: clinical candidates and perspectives.EBI Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
20638278 145 Synthesis and pharmacological validation of a novel series of non-steroidal FXR agonists.EBI Phenex Pharmaceuticals AG
19502054 3 Identification of a chromone-based retinoid containing a polyolefinic side chain via facile synthetic routes.EBI Temple University
 61 Synthesis and structure-activity relationships of potent conformationally restricted retinoid X receptor ligandsEBI TBA
 99 Synthesis and structure-activity relationships of potent retinoid X receptor ligandsEBI TBA
 56 Synthesis and biological activity of 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinoline and 3,4-(1H)-dihydroquinolin-2-one analogs of retinoic acidEBI TBA
 22 Synthesis and receptor binding affinity of conformationally restricted retinoic acid analoguesEBI TBA
 83 Synthesis of highly potent RXR-specific retinoids: The use of a cyclopropyl group as a double bond isostereEBI TBA
 31 Synthesis and pharmacological activity of conformationally restricted, acetylenic retinoid analogsEBI TBA
 54 Differential RXR & RAR activity of stilbene retinoid analogs bearing thiazole and imidazole carboxylic acidsEBI TBA
 35 Structural basis for the differential RXR & RAR activity of stilbene retinoid analogsEBI TBA
19058965 30 Novel non-carboxylic acid retinoids: 1,2,4-oxadiazol-5-one derivatives.EBI University of Lille
15615521 28 Novel retinoic acid metabolism blocking agents endowed with multiple biological activities are efficient growth inhibitors of human breast and prostate cancer cells in vitro and a human breast tumor xenograft in nude mice.EBI University of Maryland
15056000 82 Structure-based design of potent retinoid X receptor alpha agonists.EBI GlaxoSmithKline
15006411 126 Design, synthesis and structure-activity relationship of novel RXR-selective modulators.EBI Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc
14592510 150 Design and synthesis of novel RXR-selective modulators with improved pharmacological profile.EBI Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc
12482435 75 Retinoic acid receptor ligands based on the 6-cyclopropyl-2,4-hexadienoic acid.EBI Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc
12372520 37 Synthesis and biological activity of retinoic acid receptor-alpha specific amides.EBI Allergan Inc
11428923 39 Enantioselective syntheses of potent retinoid X receptor ligands: differential biological activities of individual antipodes.EBI Allergan Inc
11354380 3 Syntheses and evaluation of quinoline derivatives as novel retinoic acid receptor alpha antagonists.EBI Eisai Co., Ltd
11277515 51 Phenylcyclohexene and phenylcyclohexadiene substituted compounds having retinoid antagonist activity.EBI Allergan Inc
10762039 3 Syntheses and evaluation of naphthalenyl- and chromenyl-pyrrolyl-benzoic acids as potent and selective retinoic acid receptor alpha agonists.EBI Eisai Co., Ltd
10762038 3 Novel retinoic acid receptor alpha agonists: syntheses and evaluation of pyrazole derivatives.EBI Eisai Co., Ltd
30702885 256 Tuning Nuclear Receptor Selectivity of Wy14,643 towards Selective Retinoid X Receptor Modulation.EBI Goethe University Frankfurt
10669568 27 Syntheses and structure-activity relationships of 5,6,7, 8-tetrahydro-5,5,8,8-tetramethyl-2-quinoxaline derivatives with retinoic acid receptor alpha agonistic activity.EBI Eisai Co., Ltd
10585206 45 Structure-activity relationship studies of novel heteroretinoids: induction of apoptosis in the HL-60 cell line by a novel isoxazole-containing heteroretinoid.EBI Università di Ferrara
10543887 12 Heteroarotinoids inhibit head and neck cancer cell lines in vitro and in vivo through both RAR and RXR retinoic acid receptors.EBI University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
10479291 12 Synthesis, structure-activity relationships, and RARgamma-ligand interactions of nitrogen heteroarotinoids.EBI University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
10201840 33 A new class of potent RAR antagonists: dihydroanthracenyl, benzochromenyl and benzothiochromenyl retinoids.EBI Allergan Inc
10098670 24 Stereoselective synthesis and receptor activity of conformationally defined retinoid X receptor selective ligands.EBI Allergan Inc
10098666 48 High affinity retinoic acid receptor antagonists: analogs of AGN 193109.EBI Allergan Inc
10052980 138 Synthesis of retinoid X receptor-specific ligands that are potent inducers of adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 cells.EBI Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc
9733501 33 Synthesis and characterization of heteroarotinoids demonstrate structure specificity relationships.EBI University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
9435893 46 Regulation of retinoidal actions by diazepinylbenzoic acids. Retinoid synergists which activate the RXR-RAR heterodimers.EBI University of Tokyo
8978832 18 Identification of retinoic acid receptor beta subtype specific agonists.EBI Allergan Inc
8784454 76 Synthesis and structure-activity relationships of retinoid X receptor selective diaryl sulfide analogs of retinoic acid.EBI Allergan Inc
8765503 39 Identification of the first retinoid X, receptor homodimer antagonist.EBI Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc
8759622 15 Identification of a retinoic acid receptor alpha subtype specific agonist.EBI Allergan Inc
8709094 41 Discovery of novel retinoic acid receptor agonists having potent antiproliferative activity in cervical cancer cells.EBI Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc
8691435 33 Retinoic acid receptor beta,gamma-selective ligands: synthesis and biological activity of 6-substituted 2-naphthoic acid retinoids.EBI Pharmaceutical Research Institute
8544175 75 Synthesis, structure-affinity relationships, and biological activities of ligands binding to retinoic acid receptor subtypes.EBI CIRD GALDERMA
8410972 52 Conformational effects on retinoid receptor selectivity. 1. Effect of 9-double bond geometry on retinoid X receptor activity.EBI SRI International
8308867 72 Synthesis of high specific activity [3H]-9-cis-retinoic acid and its application for identifying retinoids with unusual binding properties.EBI Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc
8071941 240 Synthesis and structure-activity relationships of novel retinoid X receptor-selective retinoids.EBI Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc
7650690 64 Conformational effects on retinoid receptor selectivity. 2. Effects of retinoid bridging group on retinoid X receptor activity and selectivity.EBI SRI International
7636843 40 Synthesis and structure-activity relationships of stilbene retinoid analogs substituted with heteroaromatic carboxylic acids.EBI Allergan Inc
7490725 9 Synthesis and characterization of a highly potent and effective antagonist of retinoic acid receptors.EBI Allergan Inc
9258350 18 Identification of highly potent retinoic acid receptor alpha-selective antagonists.EBI Allergan Inc
29439915 18 Probing biological activity through structural modelling of ligand-receptor interactions of 2,4-disubstituted thiazole retinoids.EBI Helwan University
29706423 84 Structure-based design of Trifarotene (CD5789), a potent and selective RAR? agonist for the treatment of acne.EBI Nestle Skin Health
29288071 16 Design and synthesis of a potent, highly selective, orally bioavailable, retinoic acid receptor alpha agonist.EBI King's College
28850227 85 Natural-Products-Inspired Use of the gem-Dimethyl Group in Medicinal Chemistry.EBI St. John's University
19361210 44 8-(4-Methoxyphenyl)pyrazolo[1,5-a]-1,3,5-triazines: selective and centrally active corticotropin-releasing factor receptor-1 (CRF1) antagonists.BDB Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.