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PMIDDataArticle TitleOrganization
28233679 2 Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel N3-substituted dihydropyrimidine derivatives as T-type calcium channel blockers and their efficacy as analgesics in mouse models of inflammatory pain.EBI South Dakota State University
27517811 12 Synthesis and T-type calcium channel-blocking effects of aryl(1,5-disubstituted-pyrazol-3-yl)methyl sulfonamides for neuropathic pain treatment.EBI Korea Institutes of Science and Technology (KIST)
27933950 304 Structure-Activity Relationship, Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Properties Optimization, and in Vivo Studies of New Brain Penetrant Triple T-Type Calcium Channel Blockers.EBI Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd
27579577 91 Preparation, Antiepileptic Activity, and Cardiovascular Safety of Dihydropyrazoles as Brain-Penetrant T-Type Calcium Channel Blockers.EBI Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd
26231163 50 Discovery of novel bridged tetrahydronaphthalene derivatives as potent T/L-type calcium channel blockers.EBI Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd
26101566 14 Optimization of ADME Properties for Sulfonamides Leading to the Discovery of a T-Type Calcium Channel Blocker, ABT-639.EBI AbbVie Inc
25155913 32 Optimization of physicochemical properties and safety profile of novel bacterial topoisomerase type II inhibitors (NBTIs) with activity against Pseudomonas aeruginosa.EBI AstraZeneca
23200256 54 Discovery of N-[[1-[2-(tert-butylcarbamoylamino)ethyl]-4-(hydroxymethyl)-4-piperidyl]methyl]-3,5-dichloro-benzamide as a selective T-type calcium channel (Cav3.2) inhibitor.EBI AstraZeneca
18160281 10 Design and SAR of selective T-type calcium channel antagonists containing a biaryl sulfonamide core.EBI Bristol-Myers Squibb R & D
21316226 12 Pyridyl amides as potent inhibitors of T-type calcium channels.EBI Merck Research Laboratories
20934333 2 Design, syntheses, and SAR of 2,8-diazaspiro[4.5]decanones as T-type calcium channel antagonists.EBI Icagen Inc
20659804 19 Synthesis and T-type calcium channel blocking activity of novel diphenylpiperazine compounds, and evaluation of in vivo analgesic activity.EBI Ewha Womans University
20580233 82 T-type calcium channel blockers: spiro-piperidine azetidines and azetidinones-optimization, design and synthesis.EBI Merck Research Laboratory
30031654 14 Design and synthesis of novel anti-hyperalgesic agents based on 6-prenylnaringenin as the T-type calcium channel blockers.EBI University of Toyama
29622412 64 Synthesis and evaluation of aminobenzothiazoles as blockers of N- and T-type calcium channels.EBI IITB-Monash Research Academy
30034586 90 Design of Selective sPLAEBI AstraZeneca
29116786 265 Discovery of a Potent, Selective T-type Calcium Channel Blocker as a Drug Candidate for the Treatment of Generalized Epilepsies.EBI Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
29074257 115 Discovery and evaluation of CaEBI Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
29066309 87 Discovery and evaluation of CaEBI Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
28720324 7 Synthesis and diabetic neuropathic pain-alleviating effects of 2N-(pyrazol-3-yl)methylbenzo[d]isothiazole-1,1-dioxide derivatives.EBI Korea University of Science and Technology (UST)
28720332 3 Synthesis and biological evaluation of fluoro-substituted 3,4-dihydroquinazoline derivatives for cytotoxic and analgesic effects.EBI Kyung Hee University
28530802 121 Discovery of N-(5-Fluoropyridin-2-yl)-6-methyl-4-(pyrimidin-5-yloxy)picolinamide (VU0424238): A Novel Negative Allosteric Modulator of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor Subtype 5 Selected for Clinical Evaluation.EBI Vanderbilt University Institute of Imaging Science
12534275 32 A major role for a set of non-active site mutations in the development of HIV-1 protease drug resistance.BDB The Johns Hopkins University