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The following articles (labelled with PubMed ID or TBD) are for your review
PMIDDataArticle TitleOrganization
24675136 3 Structure-activity relationship study of 4EGI-1, small molecule eIF4E/eIF4G protein-protein interaction inhibitors.EBI Harvard Medical School
24827861 27 Synthesis of rigidified eIF4E/eIF4G inhibitor-1 (4EGI-1) mimetic and their in vitro characterization as inhibitors of protein-protein interaction.EBI Harvard Medical School
22458568 37 Structure-guided design, synthesis, and evaluation of guanine-derived inhibitors of the eIF4E mRNA-cap interaction.EBI Amgen Inc
15808492 29 Synthesis and evaluation of potential inhibitors of eIF4E cap binding to 7-methyl GTP.EBI University of Minnesota
20427189 1 A collection of caged compounds for probing roles of local translation in neurobiology.EBI University of Toronto
29195795 8 7-Methylguanosine monophosphate analogues with 5'-(1,2,3-triazoyl) moiety: Synthesis and evaluation as the inhibitors of cNIIIB nucleotidase.EBI University of Warsaw
28858511 1 Anchimerically Activated ProTides as Inhibitors of Cap-Dependent Translation and Inducers of Chemosensitization in Mantle Cell Lymphoma.EBI Mayo Clinic