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PMIDDataArticle TitleOrganization
26112446 18 Ionic derivatives of betulinic acid exhibit antiviral activity against herpes simplex virus type-2 (HSV-2), but not HIV-1 reverse transcriptase.EBI Mercer University School of Medicine
25679114 48 Structure-guided design of a series of MCL-1 inhibitors with high affinity and selectivity.EBI AbbVie Inc.
25455183 1 Synthesis of linear and cyclic guazatine derivatives endowed with antibacterial activity.EBI University of Siena
23458498 24 Synthesis and preliminary evaluation in tumor bearing mice of new (18)F-labeled arylsulfone matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors as tracers for positron emission tomography.EBI Universit£ del Piemonte Orientale"Amedeo Avogadro"
18348514 16 New approach to measure protein binding based on a parallel artificial membrane assay and human serum albumin.EBI Universitat de Barcelona
23088498 8 Bicyclization and tethering to albumin yields long-acting peptide antagonists.EBI Ecole Polytechnique F�d�rale de Lausanne
19164148 9 Use of a surface plasmon resonance method to investigate antibiotic and plasma protein interactions.EBI CNRS-CPBS/UMR 5236
21438527 16 Identification, characterization, and implications of species-dependent plasma protein binding for the oral Hedgehog pathway inhibitor vismodegib (GDC-0449).EBI Genentech Inc.
20153202 5 Synthesis and characterization of novel 1,2,4-triazine derivatives with antiproliferative activity.EBI Martin-Luther-Universit£t Halle-Wittenberg
19615903 6 In vivo targeting of tumor-associated carbonic anhydrases using acetazolamide derivatives.EBI Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
18499462 1 Design, synthesis and spectroscopic studies of resveratrol aliphatic acid ligands of human serum albumin.EBI East Tennessee State University
17910915 19 Biphenyls as potent vitronectin receptor antagonists. Part 3: Squaric acid amides.EBI Bayer Healthcare AG
17709248 10 Correlation of carboxylic acid pKa to protein binding and antibacterial activity of a novel class of bacterial translation inhibitors.EBI Pharmacia Corporation
17560104 1 Human serum albumin binding assay based on displacement of a non selective fluorescent inhibitor.EBI Pharmacia Corporation
17400450 1 Preparation of novel anthranilic acids as antibacterial agents: extensive evaluation of structural and physical properties on antibacterial activity and human serum albumin affinity.EBI Pharmacia Corporation
16451081 132 Discovery and structure-activity relationship of antagonists of B-cell lymphoma 2 family proteins with chemopotentiation activity in vitro and in vivo.EBI Abbott Laboratories
14623002 4 MexAB-OprM specific efflux pump inhibitors in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Part 2: achieving activity in vivo through the use of alternative scaffolds.EBI Daiichi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
12213067 10 N-[(2-Sulfo)-9-fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl](3)-gentamicin C(1) is a long-acting prodrug derivative.EBI Institute of Science
11960499 7 Halogenated diazirines as photolabel mimics of the inhaled haloalkane anesthetics.EBI University of Pennsylvania Health System
7608907 6 Synthesis and anti-HIV activity of 1,1'-dideoxygossypol and related compounds.EBI University of New Mexico School of Medicine