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26 articles for thisTarget

The following articles (labelled with PubMed ID or TBD) are for your review
PMIDDataArticle TitleOrganization
25462236 75 Synthesis and structure--activity relationship of new cytotoxic agents targeting human glutathione-S-transferases.EBI "Sapienza" University of Rome
20055416 29 Novel oxadiazole analogues derived from ethacrynic acid: design, synthesis, and structure-activity relationships in inhibiting the activity of glutathione S-transferase P1-1 and cancer cell proliferation.EBI Shandong University
22085405 54 Inhibition of glutathione S-transferase M1 by new gabosine analogues is essential for overcoming cisplatin resistance in lung cancer cells.EBI Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica
19015351 9 Compounds structurally related to ellagic acid show improved antiplasmodial activity.EBI Justus-Liebig-University
16675217 18 Bivalent inhibitors of glutathione S-transferase: the effect of spacer length on isozyme selectivity.EBI Syntrix Biosytems
16220971 4 Selective inhibition of MCF-7(piGST) breast tumors using glutathione transferase-derived 2-methylene-cycloalkenones.EBI University of Maryland
16162009 8 Molecular modeling, synthesis, and preliminary biological evaluation of glutathione-S-transferase inhibitors as potential therapeutic agents.EBI Università della Magna Graecia
15163208 2 Design, synthesis, and structure-activity relationships of haloenol lactones: site-directed and isozyme-selective glutathione S-transferase inhibitors.EBI Chinese Academy of Sciences
10853673 22 Beta-carbonyl substituted glutathione conjugates as inhibitors Of O. volvulus GST2.EBI University of Wales
8289195 28 Isozyme-specific glutathione-S-transferase inhibitors: design and synthesis.EBI Terrapin Technologies