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The following articles (labelled with PubMed ID or TBD) are for your review
PMIDDataArticle TitleOrganization
10406642 8 Synthesis and preliminary biological evaluation of new alpha-amino amide anticonvulsants incorporating a dextromethorphan moiety.EBI Pharmacia& Upjohn
25927480 36 Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels: Structure, Function, Pharmacology, and Clinical Indications.EBI Merck Research Laboratories
25026046 42 Studies examining the relationship between the chemical structure of protoxin II and its activity on voltage gated sodium channels.EBI Purdue Pharma L.P.
19388676 21 Novel, broad-spectrum anticonvulsants containing a sulfamide group: advancement of N-((benzo[b]thien-3-yl)methyl)sulfamide (JNJ-26990990) into human clinical studies.EBI Johnson& Johnson Pharmaceutical Research& Development
9703475 19 Synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of N,N'-diarylguanidines as potent sodium channel blockers and anticonvulsant agents.EBI Cambridge NeuroScience, Inc.
9685245 22 Design, synthesis, and pharmacological evaluation of conformationally constrained analogues of N,N'-diaryl- and N-aryl-N-aralkylguanidines as potent inhibitors of neuronal Na+ channels.EBI Cambridge NeuroScience Inc.
8295214 21 Synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of phenylacetamides as sodium-channel blockers.EBI Warner-Lambert Company
10571163 14 A novel class of Na+ and Ca2+ channel dual blockers with highly potent anti-ischemic effects.EBI Institute for Biomedical Research
10498200 40 Sodium channel activity and sigma binding of 2-aminopropanamide anticonvulsants.EBI Pharmacia& Upjohn
 15 Batrachotoxin binding site antagonistsEBI TBA
21962108 14 Lactam-stabilized helical analogues of the analgesicµ-conotoxin KIIIA.EBI Monash University
18640044 24 Discovery and stereoselective synthesis of the novel isochroman neurokinin-1 receptor antagonist 'CJ-17,493'.EBI Pfizer Global Research & Development
17724025 8 Structure/function characterization of micro-conotoxin KIIIA, an analgesic, nearly irreversible blocker of mammalian neuronal sodium channels.EBI University of Utah
15080972 64 The design, preparation and SAR of novel small molecule sodium (Na(+)) channel blockers.EBI ArQule Inc
8691482 25 A structure-activity relationship study of novel phenylacetamides which are sodium channel blockers.EBI Warner-Lambert Company