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PMIDDataArticle TitleOrganization
28302506 28 Xanthine oxidase inhibitory activity of nicotino/isonicotinohydrazides: A systematic approach from in vitro, in silico to in vivo studies.EBI University of Karachi
28286211 37 Synthesis, screening and docking of fused pyrano[3,2-d]pyrimidine derivatives as xanthine oxidase inhibitor.EBI Guru Nanak Dev University
28131711 12 Discovery and biological evaluation of some (1H-1,2,3-triazol-4-yl)methoxybenzaldehyde derivatives containing an anthraquinone moiety as potent xanthine oxidase inhibitors.EBI China Medical University
27133595 12 Anti-gout nor-oleanane triterpenoids from the leaves of Stauntonia brachyanthera.EBI Key Laboratory of Structure-Based Drug Design and Discovery (Shenyang Pharmaceutical University)
26762836 16 Hydroxylated chalcones with dual properties: Xanthine oxidase inhibitors and radical scavengers.EBI Northern Kentucky University
26363870 32 Synthesis and evaluation of 1-hydroxy/methoxy-4-methyl-2-phenyl-1H-imidazole-5-carboxylic acid derivatives as non-purine xanthine oxidase inhibitors.EBI Shenyang Pharmaceutical University
25113879 22 Synthesis and bioevaluation of 2-phenyl-4-methyl-1,3-selenazole-5-carboxylic acids as potent xanthine oxidase inhibitors.EBI Shenyang Pharmaceutical University
2778 28 Synthesis and enzymic activity of some novel xanthine oxidase inhibitors. 3-Substituted 5,7-dihydroxypyrazolo(1,5-alpha)pyrimidines.EBI TBA
24508129 45 HTS followed by NMR based counterscreening. Discovery and optimization of pyrimidones as reversible and competitive inhibitors of xanthine oxidase.EBI AstraZeneca
24556143 5 Design, synthesis and molecular modeling of aloe-emodin derivatives as potent xanthine oxidase inhibitors.EBI Hainan University
24388807 12 Microwave assisted synthesis of naphthopyrans catalysed by silica supported fluoroboric acid as a new class of non purine xanthine oxidase inhibitors.EBI Guru Nanak Dev University
23265878 31 Lead optimization of isocytosine-derived xanthine oxidase inhibitors.EBI Piramal Healthcare Limited
22901670 61 Synthesis, biological evaluation, and molecular docking of N-{3-[3-(9-methyl-9H-carbazol-3-yl)-acryloyl]-phenyl}-benzamide/amide derivatives as xanthine oxidase and tyrosinase inhibitors.EBI Solapur University
22483591 12 Identification of novel isocytosine derivatives as xanthine oxidase inhibitors from a set of virtual screening hits.EBI Piramal Healthcare Limited
6547745 4 Isomeric N-methyl-7-deazaguanines: synthesis, structural assignment, and inhibitory activity on xanthine oxidase.EBI TBA
21862335 43 N-(1,3-Diaryl-3-oxopropyl)amides as a new template for xanthine oxidase inhibitors.EBI Indo-Soviet Friendship College of Pharmacy
21620698 8 Discovery of novel xanthone derivatives as xanthine oxidase inhibitors.EBI Second Military Medical University
21353569 54 A rational approach for the design and synthesis of 1-acetyl-3,5-diaryl-4,5-dihydro(1H)pyrazoles as a new class of potential non-purine xanthine oxidase inhibitors.EBI Indo-Soviet Friendship College of Pharmacy
21163661 26 Synthesis and xanthine oxidase inhibitory activity of 7-methyl-2-(phenoxymethyl)-5H-[1,3,4]thiadiazolo[3,2-a]pyrimidin-5-one derivatives.EBI University of Mysore
20189693 9 Synthesis of some 5-phenylisoxazole-3-carboxylic acid derivatives as potent xanthine oxidase inhibitors.EBI Shenyang Pharmaceutical University
19783139 31 Discovery of 3-(2-cyano-4-pyridyl)-5-(4-pyridyl)-1,2,4-triazole, FYX-051 - a xanthine oxidoreductase inhibitor for the treatment of hyperuricemia [corrected]EBI Fuji Yakuhin Co., Ltd
19388706 2 Inhibition studies of bovine xanthine oxidase by luteolin, silibinin, quercetin, and curcumin.EBI University of California
3379415 15 Inhibition of Cow's Milk Xanthine Oxidase by FlavonoidsEBI TBA
2723668 2 Pentagalloylglucose, A Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitor from a Paraguayan Crude Drug, "Molle-I" (Schinus terebinthifolius)EBI TBA
19027292 22 Design, synthesis, and pharmacological and pharmacokinetic evaluation of 3-phenyl-5-pyridyl-1,2,4-triazole derivatives as xanthine oxidoreductase inhibitors.EBI Fuji Yakuhin Co, Ltd
17870212 7 Xanthine oxidase-activated prodrugs of thymidine phosphorylase inhibitors.EBI The University of Manchester
11294382 13 Synthesis and structure-activity relationships of 1-phenylpyrazoles as xanthine oxidase inhibitors.EBI Welfide Corporation
26575582 15 Development of 2-(Substituted Benzylamino)-4-Methyl-1, 3-Thiazole-5-Carboxylic Acid Derivatives as Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitors and Free Radical Scavengers.BDB Jamia Hamdard
25222504 5 Synthesis and xanthine oxidase inhibitory activity of 5,6-dihydropyrazolo/pyrazolo[1,5-c]quinazoline derivatives.BDB Central University of Punjab
23957301 22 Antioxidant, a-glucosidase and xanthine oxidase inhibitory activity of bioactive compounds from maize (Zea mays L.).BDB SRTM University, Nanded, Maharashtra, 431606, India; Department of Molecular Biotechnology, College of Life and Environmental Sciences, Konkuk University, Seoul, 143-701, South Korea.
23581708 15 In vitro evaluation of selected benzimidazole derivatives as an antioxidant and xanthine oxidase inhibitors.BDB Konkuk University