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Protein Targets in BindingDB are mapped to TrEMBL entries based on 100% sequence identity, with the program BLAST. Note that the BindingDB and TrEMBL sequences do not need to be exactly the same length to meet this criterion. TrEMBL's Secondary Accession IDs are obsolete IDs for the same protein, and are included here because older papers may use these IDs.

Target EnzymaticKineticITCArticlesDownloads
Primary IDTrEMBL submittedNameSecondary IDsBindingDB NameKiIC50KdEC50koffkonLigProt
P01282 Q5TCY9 Q5TCY8 Q96QK3TTBBDDVIP17700000006
P02778 Q96QJ5TTBBDDC-X-C motif chemokine 10 (CXCL10)02050000001
P04789TTBBDDTriosephosphate isomerase (TIM)0100000012D 3D TSV
P06803TTBBDDSerine/threonine-protein kinase pim-1012000000012D 3D TSV
P10147TTBBDDG0/G1 switch regulatory protein 19-1070000001
P11314TTBBDDSigma-21000000012D 3D TSV
P11889TTBBDDSphingomyelinase (SMase)31200000012D 3D TSV
P17870TTBBDDBeta-arrestin-11000000012D 3D TSV
P18506TTBBDDGama-aminobutyric acid (GABA) alpha 2 delta0340000001
P18688TTBBDDPhosphorylase Kinase0130000001
P20420TTBBDDCholinergic, Nicotinic Alpha6Beta3Beta4Alpha51200000001
P22356 Q6LD93 P08856 P08857 P06767TTBBDDProtachykinin-11800000004
P25427TTBBDDNGF1000000012D 3D TSV
P28576TTBBDDPDGF1000000012D 3D TSV
P34979TTBBDDProstaglandin E342000000012D 3D TSV
P41539 Q00073TTBBDDProtachykinin-11000000001
P49144TTBBDD5-HT1 like100000001
P49581 Q90709TTBBDDCholinergic, Nicotinic Alpha6700000001
P54284 F8VSG3 F5GZW7 B7Z4Q1 Q13913 B7Z973 F5H2P6 B7ZAK8 A8K0Z4TTBBDDN-type calcium channel subunits alpha 1B (Cav2.2), Beta 3, and Alpha 2 Delta0900000001
P60010 Q9P3X6 D6VTJ1 Q9P3X7TTBBDDACT1030000001
P62575TTBBDDNeuraminidase A (NanA)3000000012D 3D TSV
P63059TTBBDDThyroid hormone receptor alpha2000000012D 3D TSV
P78475 O00707 Q53YR0 Q8TAX3 O00708 Q16558 Q93005TTBBDDPotassium Channel (Ca2+ dependent)200000002
P81553 P07492 P07491 Q14454 Q53YA0 Q9BSY7TTBBDDGastrin-Releasing peptide1700000001
P84147Phospholipase DPhospholipase D (PLD_sp)02300000012D 3D TSV
P95276Epoxide hydrolaseEpoxide Hydrolase B (EHB)02400000022D 3D TSV
P97637 P97636 O88749 Q541E6TTBBDDInterleukin100000001
P9WJF1TTBBDDFAD-dependent decaprenylphosphoryl-beta-D-ribofuranose 2-oxidase010000001
P9WMK9TTBBDDAP-4-A phosphorylase0200000001