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Protein Targets in BindingDB are mapped to UniProt entries based on 100% sequence identity, with the program BLAST. Note that the BindingDB and UniProt sequences do not need to be exactly the same length to meet this criterion. UniProt's Secondary Accession IDs are obsolete IDs for the same protein, and are included here because older papers may use these IDs.

Target EnzymaticKineticITCArticlesDownloads
Primary IDUniProt Recommended NameSecondary IDsBindingDB NameKiIC50KdEC50koffkonLigProt
B0KZK1Alpha-amylaseα-Amylase group 4 allergen (Aca s 4)0100000012D 3D TSV
B0LPN4Ryanodine receptor 2D7UNT3Ryanodine receptor 20001000012D 3D TSV
B0R470Transducer protein Htr4Q48319 Q9HR92HTR4100000001
B2RQC6CAD proteinB7ZN27Dihydroorotase0400000012D 3D TSV
B2RXH2Lysine-specific demethylase 4EKDM4D-like protein569000000102D 3D TSV
B4F110UDP-N-acetylmuramate--L-alanine ligaseUDP-N-acetylmuramate--L-alanine ligase0100000012D 3D TSV
B5DF27Lysyl oxidase homolog 2F1LPM2Lysyl oxidase-like protein 2030000002
B7UJP31-deoxy-D-xylulose-5-phosphate synthasedxs3000000012D 3D TSV