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Details for Substrate MBPAPPC125 without Explicit Binding Affinity Data
Binding Enzyme 1: Beta-secretase 1
Synonyms:  MBP-C125
Type: Other Protein Type
Topology: Linear
Mol. Mass.: 13932.72 Dalton
Organism: Homo sapiens (Human)
Description: It is the fusion protein containing the maltose-binding protein at the N-terminal end connected to the carboxyl-terminal 125 amino acids of APP (amyloid precursor protein).
Residue: 125
Sequence: adrglttrpg sgltniktee isevkmdaef rhdsgyevhh qklvffaedv gsnkgaiigl mvggvviatv ivitlvmlkk kqytsihhgv vevdaavtpe erhlskmqqn gyenptykff eqmqn
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