Your request to link to rcsb for ADC-7 beta-lactamase (ADC-7)

  • 1NXY: crystal structure of the complex between m182t mutant of tem-1 and a boronic acid inhibitor (sm2) (10.1021/BI034242Y )
  • 5W13: adc-7 in complex with boronic acid transition state inhibitor sm23 (10.1021/ACSINFECDIS.7B00153 )
  • 1PI5: structure of n289a mutant of ampc in complex with sm2, carboxyphenylglycylboronic acid bearing the cephalothin r1 side chain (10.1021/BI035054A )
  • 1YM1: x-ray crystallographic structure of ctx-m-9 beta-lactamase complexed with a boronic acid inhibitor (sm2) (10.1021/JA042850A )
  • 5CHJ: crystal structure of fox-4 cephamycinase complexed with cephalothin batsi (sm23) (10.3390/BIOM10050671 )
  • 1MXO: ampc beta-lactamase in complex with an m.carboxyphenylglycylboronic acid bearing the cephalothin r1 side chain (10.1021/JA0288338 )