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Novel CLK1 inhibitors based on N-aryloxazol-2-amine skeleton - A possible way to dual VEGFR2 TK/CLK ligands.EBI
Comenius University In Bratislava
Novel GSK-3 inhibitors with improved cellular activity.EBI
Synthesis, biological evaluation and molecular modeling studies of imidazo[1,2-a]pyridines derivatives as protein kinase inhibitors.EBI
Paris-Sud University
Pivotal role of glycogen synthase kinase-3: A therapeutic target for Alzheimer's disease.EBI
Central University
Isosteric replacements of the carboxylic acid of drug candidate VX-787: Effect of charge on antiviral potency and kinase activity of azaindole-based influenza PB2 inhibitors.EBI
Vertex Pharmaceuticals
The design and synthesis of potent and selective inhibitors of Trypanosoma brucei glycogen synthase kinase 3 for the treatment of human african trypanosomiasis.EBI
University of Dundee
Identification and structure-activity relationship of 8-hydroxy-quinoline-7-carboxylic acid derivatives as inhibitors of Pim-1 kinase.EBI
Synthesis and activity of quinolinyl-methylene-thiazolinones as potent and selective cyclin-dependent kinase 1 inhibitors.EBI
Roche Research Center
Discovery and evaluation of N-cyclopropyl- 2,4-difluoro-5-((2-(pyridin-2-ylamino)thiazol-5- ylmethyl)amino)benzamide (BMS-605541), a selective and orally efficacious inhibitor of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-2.EBI
Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute
Discovery of 2-pyrimidyl-5-amidothiophenes as potent inhibitors for AKT: synthesis and SAR studies.EBI
The Repertoire of Small-Molecule PET Probes for Neuroinflammation Imaging: Challenges and Opportunities beyond TSPO.EBI
Massachusetts General Hospital
Anticancer potential of indirubins in medicinal chemistry: Biological activity, structural modification, and structure-activity relationship.EBI
Zunyi Medical University
Small-Molecule Kinase Inhibitors for the Treatment of Nononcologic Diseases.EBI
Hefei University of Technology
(6,7-Dimethoxy-2,4-dihydroindeno[1,2-c]pyrazol-3-yl)phenylamines: platelet-derived growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors with broad antiproliferative activity against tumor cells.EBI
Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development
Lessons Learned from Past Cyclin-Dependent Kinase Drug Discovery Efforts.EBI
Hefei University of Technology
Therapeutic potential of quinazoline derivatives for Alzheimer's disease: A comprehensive review.EBI
University of Louisiana At Lafayette
A critical update on the strategies towards small molecule inhibitors targeting Serine/arginine-rich (SR) proteins and Serine/arginine-rich proteins related kinases in alternative splicing.EBI
China Pharmaceutical University
Recent development of CDK inhibitors: An overview of CDK/inhibitor co-crystal structures.EBI
The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University
Imidazopyridine-based selective and multifunctional ligands of biological targets associated with psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases.EBI
Insights into the chemistry and therapeutic potential of furanones: A versatile pharmacophore.EBI
Jamia Hamdard
1-Aryl-3-(4-methoxybenzyl)ureas as potentially irreversible glycogen synthase kinase 3 inhibitors: Synthesis and biological evaluation.EBI
Stellenbosch University
Synthesis and evaluation of 8-amino-[1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-a]pyridin-3(2H)-one derivatives as glycogen synthase kinase-3 (GSK-3) inhibitors.EBI
Jeil Pharmaceutical
CH...O and CH...N hydrogen bonds in ligand design: a novel quinazolin-4-ylthiazol-2-ylamine protein kinase inhibitor.EBI
Vertex Pharmaceuticals
The development of potent and selective bisarylmaleimide GSK3 inhibitors.EBI
Lilly Research Laboratories
3D QSAR studies on GSK-3 inhibition by aloisines.EBI
Zhejiang University
Dual-Specificity Tyrosine Phosphorylation-Regulated Kinase 1A (DYRK1A) Inhibitors as Potential Therapeutics.EBI
Seoul National University
Natural and synthetic bioactive inhibitors of glycogen synthase kinase.EBI
Jamia Hamdard (Hamdard University)